Building a community is worth the effort!

At Norm Hill Aviation we believe that community involvement is a must. That is why we choose to contract goods and services from local businesses. NHA is a proud sponsor and supporter of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Over the past 6 years we have reinvested a large portion of our annual revenue on upgrades at our leased property here at the California City Municipal Airport. We have also hosted multiple community fund raisers that supplied much need revenue for the community’s municipal services. NHA continues to strengthen the local economy with partnering agreements from our nearby Ace Hardware Store, local labor force, and California City supporting agencies for day to day operations.

NHA is active in local organizations including the California City Economic Development Committee, California City Airport Advisory Committee, and also participates in the public City Council meetings. We are actively involved with building and supporting progressive self-help projects to continually develop a sense of community. We have actively taken the lead to be a positive example for other local businesses and residents in order to progress the California City vision and mission statement.

Norm invites you to join us and become a part of the driving force to make our little part of the Northern Antelope Valley the best that it can be!


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