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Can’t get enough of that aviation lifestyle? Check out our customized and aviation inspired furniture. These quality pieces will impress customers, colleges, friends, and family of all ages. If our inventory of Aviator Art isn’t up to speed for takeoff; send us your design and we’ll build it!


Bulkhead 169 Panel – Bookshelf/Display Unit

This unit is fabricated from a bulkhead panel that had been cut from a Gulfstream GII, (accounting for the odd shape). The piece was stripped of insulation, cleaned and rough edges removed. Original zinc chromate primer was left in place.

The components are part of the main entry door emergency operation system. All components and stainless steel tubes were removed, cleaned and reassembled. Three shelves were fabricated from aluminum sheet and installed. These shelves support a respectable load. Aluminum angle was attached to the back side of the piece to enable attachment of the base.

The base was fabricated from structural members removed from an engine fixed cowl. The pieces were cut to length and attached to each other with an aluminum angle. Aluminum blocks were then machined and attached to each end to act as feet to give stability. Each foot also has a rubber pad on the bottom to prevent scratches to floors. The final piece of the base is a polished stainless steel adjustable control rod removed from a Rolls Royce Spey turbine engine. The rod was added to the base to increase rigidity and strength. The base is attached to the piece at the aluminum angle with two large bolts.

This is a solid but moderately sized unit. Standing around four feet with a width and depth of two feet, it will fit easily in a corner or near a wall or unused section of floor.


Dimensions –

Height: 50.5 in.

Width: 26 in. at widest point.

Base Width: 22 in.

Base Depth: 22 in.

Streamlined End Table

This one of a kind, handcrafted end table was from a decommissioned Gulfstream II wing leading edge, wing root panel. 95% of the components used were removed a Gulfstream and remaining 5% consist of the lighting and rubber feet.

The table top was fabricated from sheet aluminum at .093”, polished to a mirror finish. Stainless steel fittings and tubing were added to the base and table top. Several components have been added to the base. A magazine rack is attached on one side for added relaxation and convenience.

The paint simulates anodizing and when polished also produces a mirror image. Under sun or bright light the surface is visible through the paint. The top attaches to the base with an aileron bungee and two engine controls rods.

The LED light strips were added to highlight the components in the front as well as the top of the base. The lights are multi-colored, multi-function and controlled by a remote. The lights consume less power than average bulbs and will last approximately 30,000 hours.

All modifications were accomplished using aircraft materials and methods to produce a sturdy end table. This table will last generations, with the occasional polishing. This attractive end table would make an attractive addition to your office, lobby, den or living room parked next to your favorite chair.

The end table stands 29″ tall, is 19.5″ wide and 39″ in length.

Streamlined End Table

The end table stands 29″ tall, is 19.5″ wide and 39″ in length.

Multi Purpose Table

This unique eye catching table was handcrafted from a Gulfstream wing flap and an engine inlet. The table is 35 inches high, 12 feet 6 inches in length and 53 inches wide. This table with minimal care will last generations and would make a handsome conference table, lobby centerpiece, desk or dinner table.

The inlet was cut in half as was the flap. Table and base legs were highly polished, and the base legs mounted. The shine will last a long time and subsequent polishing will enhance the shine and produce an even patina. The base legs are illuminated by blue LED lights which add a pleasing effect. These lights offer lower power consumption, emit minimal heat and have a long life.

The glass is tempered, 3/8 inch thick and is supported by thirteen heavy duty supports with individual heavy duty adjustable feet. Heavy duty adjustable feet are also installed in the base legs. The adjustable feet allow fine adjustment of the table and glass for leveling.

Multi Purpose Table - Image 2

Articulated Lamp

This high style desk lamp was fabricated from Gulfstream wing attachment brackets, engine exhaust cone, vibration isolators, hydraulic lines and LED remote bulb flash/fade. All components are cleaned and polished.


Articulated Lamp - Image 2

The lamp stands 34 inches tall and is 11 inches wide.

Engine Spinner Lamps

These eye catching Spinner Desk Lamps were fabricated from a Gulfstream engine spinner cone, hydraulic lines and LED strip lights with remote, flash/fade. All components are cleaned and polished.

The lamp stands 22 inches tall and is 11 inches wide.

Engine Spinner Lamps - Image 2

The lamp stands 22 inches tall and is 11 inches wide.

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